iA – AV-98 Ingram

Incredibly iconic mech from the classic show Patlabor via Bandai’s ancient in Action line. These were brethren to all the Gundam figures from various other shows. Later the line gained a more appropriate name- Offshoot in Action, symbolizing deviation from Mobile Suits.

Ingram does not disappoint one bit. It comes with plenty of the accessories- 2 heads, various hands, pistol that stores in the leg compartment and extending hand gimmick for picking it up, stored and extended batons, shotgun with and without deployed stock, and TV an movie versions of the head. Other than that, all of the proper markings are present like Noa’s Alphonse signature name and even its license plate. Another notable point was the double-hinge joint in the knees which was a feature far ahead of its time for in Action line.


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