MSiA – EMS-10 Zudah

Yet another pleasant surprise from Bandai, to go with the MS igLoo series. And very obvious, yet somewhat unexpected was seeing the other two units released as well.

The story behind this test unit was its competition against Zaku I for the mass production spot in Zeon’s growing army prior to the One Year War. It had much better speed and armaments than its competitor, but suffered from the massive thruster instability at high levels of output and thus lost the race while it was under the EMS-4 model number. The later attempt at development of the suit under a different model number ended up a failure since the prevailing stability problem was solved only in its title and took the lives of two of its new test pilots as the result.

So here’s the Zudah next to its prior competitor, the whole test unit, and U.C. Arms Gallery Zaku II style machinegun comparison. Leftmost Zudah is at its optimal loadout, Commander with standard equipment, and unit IV with the bazooka. Interesting gimmicks are the functioning pistons in the arms and movable shield mount points on the shoulders.


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