High Life?

Went out to perhaps one of the classiest venues in DC with a friend last night. Wasn’t sure what to expect although I had a decent hunch, and it wasn’t wrong after all.

Place was screaming top class from the very door all the way through and through- expensive wood decor, fine stone, elaborate glass sculptures hung from the ceiling of the second floor, private tables and sections everywhere. Bars charged starting from pretty much $10 for some bullshit drink and prices went sky high after that. The patrons and hosts alike were dressed the part down to that expensive, important looks in their eyes, practically oozing money from most of their orifices. I’m pretty sure that style was in second place after wearing the most expensive brands these pigs could get their wallets on. Most gents looked so much alike they were like a giant blob of suits and sweaters. Ladies were your typical Barbie dolls, most likely with heads full of plastic and money. And this is what our society calls the top.

Seriously? What exactly is the fun at the higher step like this? Flashing your assets and status? And to think that I was originally headed towards that myself… All I can say is that I’m extremely glad that my mind and eyes were opened to real joys in life instead of this imposed puppetry more than half the population actually strives towards.


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