Artisan Worthy – Alto Aggressor x SZ

Finally got my lovely, hand-made Aggressor and just in time for the holidays. Set it up from my Reve with 200m Rodz and I’ll edit in my impressions after I take it out. Other than that, its a gorgeous and solid board. 5 layers total, 2 layers of fiberglass. The belly inlay is superb and top isn’t a complete bore either- very well done.




Concave is uniform and semi-aggressive, just as the name suggests. Not as lax as Reve’s flat tub concave, but not horribly uncomfortable like some of the more aggressive ones out there.


And lastly my temporary grip solution and dem Rodz.



Variable rear mounting holes allow for mini-wheelbase tweaks and the max and second to max one allows you to dolly the board similar to the _|_| cutout on the Reve.

Stay tuned for ride impressions…


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