Memory Lane – Neverwinter Nights

Oh the great weeks I’ve tanked into this good old game. For its time, its was truly unique since both single and multiplayer modes ran on modules. Kicker part- both developer AND player-made, and to boot the whole multiplayer aspect ran entirely on player-made content. With full access to the game development tools, the community got seriously creative and added a brand new flavor to the base game/engine.

Most of my NWN days were spent online, on both PVM and PVP servers, each completely unique from the other. Some had free leveling to focus on maxed out combat. Some servers featured very-well made team systems to encourage teamwork and strategy.

The game saw 2 expansions that pushed maximum level from 20 to 40 and added plethora of new feats and advanced classes. All in all, this one a top-notch game with an MMO feel that was 100% free to play after the initial purchase.


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