Morals, Culture, and Activism

This has been getting me as of late- all the activists who fight to better the societal norms we have today, but only if half way through.

Generally, the way we all perceive everything around us was force-fed into us by our society via parental medium. A culmination of morals and wisdom that they collected throughout their lives in their society is passed down onto us. Their views, their ideals of right and wrong, even their aspirations. Raised under the heavy influence of the hive mind its only natural to continue the cycle. Questioning certain semantics is seldom necessary in most of these cases. This is why majority of us do the same old routines and strive for the same general things in life.

Most actions and events, just as themselves, aren’t necessarily right or wrong. Aren’t moral or immoral, for those are the connotations stapled by the society one lives in.

Onto a good portion of what I notice from all sorts of activists- they evolve their minds just above that surface level and see the inherited flaws of the society they live in, but still base those solely on the rest of the customs they deem fit. Change what doesn’t seem to fit with the times or their perceptions, but… leave everything else the way it is?

The whole system is flawed, down to the core, so you might as well change the whole thing rather than amend some of the outdated parts. This notion, naturally, would defy too many concepts altogether and conflict with the very basic morals that all of these people are guided by.

The very last element comes down to the accepted units of power, as defined per whichever society, for that is the only force strong enough to influence such society in the first place.

So those who are relatively powerless, albeit not corrupted by it, still wish to change something that’s weeeell outside their reach. And to top that off, only change it ever so slightly, since most of their perceptions are deeply rooted into the norms they want to change. And the kicker part- without truly defying majority of the old norms in favor of new ones.

Yea, good luck.


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