Gundam Wing – Leo – Robot Damashii X MSiA

Couldn’t resist shelling $40 for the new Leo that Bandai rolled out last month for the Robot Damashii line. Gundam Wing being one of my favorite series of all time, the first one I really got into after moving to the states, and that opened up Gunpla and figures for me- any new, especially grunt merchandise is always welcome in my book.

The Mobile Suit in Action Leo, I got way back in 2000 when they were localized here in the states, and haven’t really seen any other incarnation of this classic grunt save maybe garage kits and smaller static figures. Now, after 12 years, Bandai finally released a worthy successor to the lonely old timer, but not without a clever trick up their sleeve- the weapons for the RD Leo are a whole separate set unlike the oldie that came loaded with extra gear. Another detail I noticed was the fact that the head on the RD Leo is an extra new piece over the standard head connector, and my guess is it is because the base figure is a rehash of the RD Tallgeese II limited edition.

Without any further adieu, MSiA on the left and RD on the right.


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