Hurricane Sandy – NYC

New York got hit pretty hard last night, I’ll share 2 pics I’ve gathered from various reports and add other tidbits in writing.

“20th St and Ave C at Peter Cooper Village in New York City”

“Staten Island right now.. there’s no way to get to these people…”



NYC Subway downtown.

Update: Subway map, 2 days later. The whole downtown is still flooded and nonoperational. This is crazy for the city the never sleeps and boasts the 24-hour subway system.

I heard most of the tunnels into the city got flooded, so there’s virtually no way in or out right now.

Here in DC-MD-VA area, however, we’re all nice and fine. I never lost power at all and streets look pretty good- leaves everywhere, and some small twigs, but nothing major.

Best of luck to all my people in the city, brace for night 2 and survive guys!


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