This Is War – Surviving Broadway Bomb 2012 NYC

“Attention all Skaters! Ian has received a summons from the City of New York. In order to avoid being prosecuted, Ian Nichols must officially cancel the Broadway Bomb and relinquish all responsibility. However, We are going to flash mob 116th Street and Broadway at 11:50AM and Start the Race at 12:00PM exactly. Get the exact time from your cellphone. Please don’t show up until 11:50AM because there may be a police presence. Please share this post with everyone in order to keep us all safe. See you there.”

“PLEASE BE ADVISED: 1.) Pursuant to Court order, the Broadway Bomb race and flash mob will not occur on October 20, 2012. 2.) Participants in any such event will be subject to arrest.”

This was the setup for this year’s Bomb. More or less no rules besides keeping your head above the water and NYPD versus skaters all-out war.

I ran into several camera difficulties, so my video will be as chaotic as the event itself.

Small gatherings began around Columbus circle where we all had to decide what to do exactly- try the ocean of cops around the starting line, wait right there and jump in once our crowd passed along, get as close to the starting line as possible, follow the route, veer off route to avoid 5-0 as much as possible… way too many decisions that had to be made quick.

I got my (ultimately faulty) setup ready to roll and headed off uptown.

I ended up reaching 108th and Broadway and decided to wait for some skaters to roll through to join up with them and plan our route as soon as I saw way too many cops being posted around here already. (Also where Kingofnewyorkhacks took my cover photo). The media was all over the city waiting to document this battle and that felt exhilarating- a good chunk of the city and NYPD has their eyes on us. It was time to shine.

As soon as a clock tower rang its bell at noon, a floor of skaters poured into Broadway and the war began. Cops didn’t linger around either- barricades were put up at several points along the supposed route, undercover units were ready to pounce, and our giant group was constantly followed as well.

I ended up with a small pack that went down Columbus Ave. down to the circle, and then we decided to take 5th Ave. down to avoid the insanity waiting for us through Times Square. While going down 5th, I noticed several barricades being ready for some action as well as undercover units disguised as construction workers, who used radios to report sighting us as we moved along.

Groups of us were constantly lost  and found, but everything was moving along towards the south bay finish line.

Once we got past Union Square, we all went on the actual Broadway and kept our eyes peeled for 5-0. Things were going pretty smooth at this point, and as I heard later on, cops simply gave up trying to bust us past Union Square and were even helping us move along. Smooth sailing from there on out, besides skepticism of the moment.

Finish line blocks were decorated with spectators and cops along the sides, kind of beats the red carpet if you think about it.

Now that the main 8 mile dash was complete, it was time to push another 4 miles for the barbecue at the end of the East Side River Park.

Sector 9 guys were absolutely amazing and kept on grilling their wieners and meat for all of us from 2 to 5 pm. Absolutely had to get them a nice tall beer each after I got my recovery food.

There were lots of gnarly characters who dressed up, had crazy awesome boards, and mini-competitions for tricks and slides.

This dude said every cop that saw him during the race was cracking up. I totally believe it, hahaha!

Some boards were in fact hurt during this race, so do not try this at home!


Like a sir.

How many people can you fit on this plank?!

How many boards do you know that can harbor your lunch? Or perhaps a phone? A wallet? Some Bomb shirts? I only know of one- Skate Case Boards.

Sir Toxic Surf himself. He found me on twitter after I posted another pic of my board with his sticker on it, and now we finally met. Very cool.

Now, for the real big deal-

On the left, the co-founder of the Shralpers Union, King Shralpy aka Noel Korman. One of the greatest dudes in the tri-state area who pours his whole soul into the scene each and every day.

And on the right, our humble host, Ian Nichols, who wanted nothing but smiles and high fives from this event. He has been organizing Broadway Bombs for years on end now, and pulled through once again during this insane election year. Much love and best wishes to you man!

Following the barbecue, I headed to my skate mecca of the city, Uncle Funky’s Boards, since I missed Jeff at the Bomb and the barbecue (plus I had to give him business this weekend).

And the race day semi-wrapped up at one of the official after parties. This was also the very first time I got to finally try Pork Slap, our official longboarding pale ale of the New York City.

This was most definitely one insane weekend that was absolutely worth the trip up. Stay safe, keep rollin’, and don’t forget to shralpit silly!


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