Poor Sales Due to Piracy? Nay.

Ever since the original PSP was hacked, we’ve all heard this millions of times from everyone- hacks and piracy “killed” the sales and the poor little thing in the long run. Consumers and often even the companies alike love to blame poor progress onto individual pirates and hackers, but in reality they are hardly the ones to blame. Not every evil in the world is solely destructive.

Lets look at Nintendo’s iron grip over all the youngsters and kids at heart alike since forever ago. When Gameboy Advanced and the DS launched, they were in fact, effortless to hack and run pirated games unlike the PSP. There was no risk of bricking the system. It was simply patch, plug and play. Now, have we EVER heard Nintendo publicly complain about piracy on their systems? Do you know why? Their target niche of customers have always been either absolutely faithful or simple too young to realize that piracy exists. Nintendo always made their buck no matter what surrounded them in the underground scenes of the online community.

Sony, on the other hand, always targeted the more mature gamer- late teens and early twenties and up, high school and college students. The ones who hardly have much money to spend on software and games, but definitely smart enough to find a loophole and get whatever they can for free. In such a case, the easiest thing for the company is to blame the hacking scene. Secure their systems tighter. Steer sheer numbers of potential consumers away instead of re-evaluating their target audience.

As I mentioned in the very beginning, private piracy- piracy of software intended solely for personal use and not profits. Profits off of pirated software is what actually hurts the companies and software developers out there. Private use, at its best, is actually a form of free advertizement. If you got to play the hottest new game for free, next thing you would do is tell all your friends about it. Then if they go buy it, they’ll do likewise and the wave takes off.

Remember, there are plenty of double-edge swords out there that majority of the public fails to see fully.


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