Down the Memory Lane

So much has happened since last summer, but comic across some of these shots just left me reminiscing once again. Lots of first times and first encounters with peeps I hang around (as best I can across 4 states).

First time I took my board upstate and got to shred the crazy jungle. First time I heard of Broadway Bomb, though missed the practice run that morning. First time I learned of and by the end of the whole weekend joined the Shralpers’ Union. First time I found Uncle Funky’s Boards. First time I tried any sort of race on a board (Governor’s Island 1/4 mile), where sadly one of our mates Luke broke his arm, but came out to the new location after getting a cast. Real trooper.

And perhaps the only weekend I’ve spent with one of my good friends I met that time.


One thought on “Down the Memory Lane

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