Rave – Haru – Eisenmeteor V1 (レイヴ)

Long story behind this, once again last minute big build. It started off as a Heavy Blade for Black Rose from .Hack series, but I abandoned/paused the build due to the meetup falling through at Katsucon 18.

After that I decided to revisit Rave since it was the predecessor of Fairy Tail, and per my usual tastes, decided to revive that show. Given 2 white wigs and already half-built sword, Haru was a no-brainer decision for me.

Sword is as modular as it can possibly be, as usual, and the hole in the bottom is due to it originally being a .Hack Heavy Blade. Blade isn’t perfectly shaped either due to my experiments with reinforcements and just a hint too much heat gun action. ;p

Pictures will speak about the rest.

Final words- I’ll add Musica’s signature notes sometime later, as well as make the Rave itself.


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