Quiver – 4/10/2012

Aaaand with the newest addition to the quiver and the rest of the hardware shuffled around, here’s where it stands now:

Legend: [Board name: Trucks, Wheels.]

-Kebbek Rêve: Surf-Rodz 200mm RKP, 3dm Avila 75mm 77a.

-Kracked Skulls M1: Bear 852, Retro Freeride Reflex Formula 72mm 86a.

-Never Summer Norad V2: knockoff Randall 150mm, Pink Powerballs 72mm 78a.

-Penny Nickel: Penny Nickel, Churchill 72mm.

-Penny Penny: Penny Penny, M1 Urethane 2011 Team 58mm.


One thought on “Quiver – 4/10/2012

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