Froggin Down The Hills – KebbeK Rêve

Finally got it in the mail, and love it. Came from an online portion of the gear auction for the past Skate The Forest event in Canada.

80$ for a brand new, $170 (in the US thanks to it being an import) deck- total steal! Now I have a fully dedicated downhill speed board, which frees up my Kracked Skulls M1 for freeriding.

Grip tape is a temporary leftover job for the time being. Deck is solid like a log. The tail has a very nice uphill dragging cutout. Rock on! The main graphic is actually 2 frogs, and I had the hardest time figuring that out from the pictures online, haha.

The concave on this deck is superb- flat in the middle that goes into nice, sharp edges. Definitely no need for gas pedals with these kinda edges.

On the road, from a very brief run, it feels exactly like how its build- like a log. Mild hills that I had to concentrate a bit more using my Norad are now a complete no-brainer.

All in all, superb speed board!


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