Perhaps From Rocks To Diamonds

I’ll begin with the fact that human mind is like an uncut and unpolished diamond. It can be hacked at an infinite amount of times, but unless those cuts are made with precision, it will never take its perfect form nor even manage to shed all of its impure sides in the process. And just like cutting diamonds, it is a painstaking, careful process. Those who manage to finish themselves perfectly, will shine and be seen by others, but only if the others are at least somewhat just as polished themselves.

Our life-long natural hierarchy took quite a dip from its spiritual aspect, and values were placed on the material goods to somehow help further the society as a whole rather than the individuals its made up of.

Simply overcoming a hardship may mean nothing if the lessons it offered are learned the wrong way. Perhaps though, I would be more accurate to say, in the optimal way rather than a wrong way.

So with every cut you make to yourselves, try to see yourselves from all the different angles first and make that cut; regardless of its difficulty, make it to a side that needs it the most.

Just remember, the reality is that not every rock ends up making the cut, so to speak, in the end. The power to bring yourselves closer to that undeniable radiance, however, is in everyone’s own hands.


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