Experience Is An Eye For The Mind

No matter how much we know about something, we never fully see or realize it until we fully experience it. Furthermore, not everyone will see the same thing in the end or see it for what it actually is. No amount of proof nor evidence can open your eyes to see something until it simply clicks for you.

Usually, its a culmination of your entire awareness, desire to, and general future outlook that determine your ability to truly see something.

I’ve had perfectly sane, educated and normal friend try to open my eyes to religion in the past. She threw the usual evidence of its teachings being true at me, but at the time and even now, I simply wasn’t interested in that aspect of life. The eye-opening part was much later on, when I simply realized that I will never see the same way as her until it either hits me or, just, never.

You can guide anyone towards anything, but ultimately they have to reach the conclusion for themselves.

What disappoints me the most though, is how comfortable the society became only seeing the surface of existence. At the same time, you cannot blame them for that was and still is the general way for bringing up minds. Letting them explore only small fractions of concepts that would benefit the society rather than them as individuals.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I become somewhat of a monk or a hermit down the line, since being in the standard society might just begin to dull my own mind sooner than later.

Moral of all of this is- try to open your mind to absolutely everything. Do your best to experience as much of the world as you deem fit, and then expand yourselves based on your own open thoughts. Seek true freedom and happiness.


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