How It All Began – My Collaborations with Rocketnews24

So I’ve covered some bits and pieces of my collaboration with them here and there, but I never wrote the whole story just yet, so here we go:

Story began on Sunday of New York Comic Con 2011 when I was cosplaying Cobra and bumped into Dai-chan and Kudo-san while they were interviewing others about their opinions on Anime cuts here in the states (by companies like 4Kids and etc), specifically cuts and changes made to One Piece. Another part was to hear our opinions about Japan, which was this article. And an iffy pic of me, haha.

Chatting with them for a few minutes outside of “work,” I learned that they were staying in NYC for a month and originally came to try and get iPhone 4S that just came out around that time, but failed due to AT&T and Apple only selling fresh stock under contracts. I asked if they’ve been to any restaurants or bars around here and offered to hang out and show them around since I was going to be in town the next few weekends.

And here is where the first idea was born- show them around town from an American cosplayer’s perspective and IN cosplay. Cobra was a default choice since that’s how they met me, but being such a classic anime, it worked either way.

Dai-chan and Kudo-san set me up in the hostel they were staying at, in Manhattan Chinatown on Hester st. We met up, I changed, and we executed the plan. It was pretty fun and the corresponding article ended up very long and detailed.

After that was said and done, we partied at the hostel and other tenants gladly joined us as they were coming home from work. This is where I met quite a few of my good friends today, so it was an excellent night.

Next up we planned to hang out for Halloween since one of our new friends had a gig at one of the clubs and that sounded like a good plan for the holiday. This time around, to save myself the trouble, I brought my Gin cosplay, and this decision gave birth to something quite awesome later on.

Since Dai-chan was going with us, we had to come up with some kind of costume for him (and I didn’t get his message asking me to bring him something until after I left home…), so we had to get creative:

He thought he looked stupid with seaweed eyebrows, but it was in fact, a legitimate costume as was done in Furi Kuri:

Supposedly, looks more manly this way. Haha. Quite fitting for Dai-chan.

So once I suited up, Kudo-san wanted to do a quick interview since I was doing Gintoki from Gintama. No surprise either, given that I act like him quite often and the fact that the show is veeeery popular in Japan. And thus, this article was born. And of course a group picture with my partners in crime:

Little did I know, since I was betting my money on Cobra becoming more popular, that the Gin article blew up tremendously once it was published. Then, Chinese and Taiwanese sites caught whiff of it and translated/reblogged it.

It didn’t stop there. One of the monthly manga magazines in China printed the translation in their cosplayer section!

And the next step, besides starting this blog, was me going to Japan myself. My whole adventure is depicted in its own section here, and new collaborations I did with Rocketnews are here.

That concludes this story and I hope it was interesting enough of a read of all of you.


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