Salia @ Kollaboration DC 3 (2012)

First year that Kollaboration DC pulled an existing, international star to headline the show. This was the second event that I saw her perform at and it was just as good as the first one. Salia performed 3 of her songs with both hers and Kollaboration’s house DJ, Asu Rock, who did a helluva job once again.

Just as a quick refresher for those who don’t know about her, Salia did the first opening, Trust, in Vandread, and one of the songs from School Rumble, Amai Yume.

I kicked the night off in the VIP section, just like I did the past 2 Kollaborations DC. Here we are next to this year’s backdrop- new friend Michelle, Salia, and yours truly. Why I look like that, at this point in time- had to run run run to get to the show on-time (and nevermind early like I planned to originally) due to DC’s atrocious metro system. Better slightly late than never though, right?

And then a few snaps from the show

Then I went ahead and got both her new single, Trust in Me, as well as her first own album titled the same. Album comes with a small poster, and in my case, her signature on the front cover (that’s next to invisible in this shot).

The songs were pretty interesting, with a darker feel to them that I haven’t seen in whatever pop music I end up hearing, in a while.

Last but not least, hung out a bit at the show’s official afterparty at Bistro Bistro in Dupont Circle. This shot is courtesy of my friend Paul.

All in all a night well-done. Hopefully I’ll catch her again sometime soon.


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