Kollaboration DC 3 (2012)

Third show since Kollaboration expanded into the nation’s capital, and was getting better and better every year. So what it is? Essentially a festival to highlight and promote various up-and-coming local Asian artists and recognize them for their talent and hard work in areas they are all passionate about. All of the performances this year pushed the envelope compared to last and they even pulled a J-Pop artist Salia into the mix. That was the first milestone for the event and I hope international guests become more regular in the future.

I highly recommend looking the performances up online (youtube), but here are the top 3 contestants this year-

3rd place were the Lascajacakhan trio with their diverse fusion of styles.

2nd place went to the Mighty Morphing Boogie Rangers for their satirical hip-hop style group dance performance.

And the winner of this year’s show was George Yamazawa with his touching and inspiring free form poem about his father.

All in all, the show was absolutely worth it again this year, and I hope Kollaboration DC keeps expanding and pushing the envelope next year.


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