How It Started, How It Grew

Never posted my beginning of the ongoing boarding journey, so here we go (as well as my M1’s slow-but-steady evolution):

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Went from its stock form of Randall 180s and Pink Powerballs into sporting more and more stickers, Bustin Swift wheels, Paris 190s, 3dm Avila’s, and eventually Surf-Rodz RPKs. This deck seen far and wide of the east coast and hopefully even more to come despite no longer being my only/primary weapon.

Some of its progress is depicted in my Quiver posts, so feel free to look them up to see how my Quiver grew along with this board.

And despite somewhat dropping in my usage ranks, this guy is still my most comfortable and most reliable board. Squishy Avilas cushion the ride and their size rolls over almost anything you can throw at them; Venom SHR bushings amplify the comfort and response; lastly, I used the fact that its a drop-through to its fullest- by removing the stock “risers” and replacing them with rubber pads it absorbs all of the road conditions like no other.

Something I learned and noticed after getting my Norad was how much better DT boards help reduce road chatter by sending all of the vibrations towards the tops of the truck baseplates vs into the whole deck right above them. Best comparison is a luxury vs a sports car, but without any performance difference.

(also first post with a slideshow instead of singles or gallery, woohoo)


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