Ultimate Salvage – Green Banana Bomb

What do you do when you have knock off Randal 150s, few sets of wheels, a Green Banana Longboard (that you don’t quite like stock/as is), and a set of rad G|Bomb brackets laying around? Put them all together for a rad 33″ push board.

Details of the build- boardside “ebay” cone bushings, roadside Penny cones; 70mm Churchill MFG wheels; nose/tail cut Banana; G|Bombs “bottom mounted.”

So far, the result? Very heavy, but very flexy deck that turns like crazy on command, but doesn’t feel too floppy or unstable at mild speed. Also, finally a board I can drag behind me, sort of. Only con besides Randals being knock offs and having a slightly shorter than standard kingpin, is the massive weight for its size. Flip side- that massive weight keeps excellent momentum going unlike any of my other boards. The front adjustable bracket’s hump makes for a perfect push point/toe rest, thus I’d imagine distance skating on this guy to be quite comfortable.

I could possibly see this guy being a formidable mild downhill/freeride board per bushing tuning.


One thought on “Ultimate Salvage – Green Banana Bomb

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