A Blast From My Past – Samsung OMNIA HD (i8910)

So, nostalgia of the good old Symbian S60V3/5 got the best of me and I decided to get THE black sheep of those days back into my hands- Samsung Omnia HD. This was THE flagship handset of 09 with top-of-the-line specs and ran oddly on Symbian rather than the old Sammy proprietary OS. Furthermore, the software and app support was dropped officially and ended up in the community’s hands within a year if not less. Interesting, albeit poor notion on Samsung’s part, but such is life. Using Symbian 9.3/4 made up almost majority of my mobile days in the past, so owning one of those handsets once again feels very much at home. Omnia also feels very nice in hand due to its moderate bulk and pretty comfortable-to-hold design. My only gripe is that its coated in glossy and slightly slippery plastic.

8MP camera and that manufacturer-forgotten camera button feel very nice despite that its no longer anything new to me (E6 and SGS2 sporting 8s as well).

I will also do my best to re-gather all of the necessary files such as firmwares, custom FWs, flash tools, hacks, and others. If any of you still using one of these are in need of help, I’ll do my best to assist ya since most forums have been long-abandoned and resources are becoming more and more scarce.


4 thoughts on “A Blast From My Past – Samsung OMNIA HD (i8910)

  1. Hi. I’m still using omnia i8910, though I’m seriously considering shifting to the new iphone 5 now. I have a problem not able to see any images or videos on the internet. I’m still on the old original firmware. I guess I need to update it, no? If that’s the case, which is the best latest firmware you suggest I should choose?

    • iPhone though, seriously?

      And what do you mean by not seeing images/vids on the net? Try a new browser perhaps, like Opera Mini/Mobile. Also, if the custom ones, HyperX firmwares were pretty decent.

  2. I mean when browsing the internet no images or videos will load up, only text. I use Opera for browsing (not sure if its the latest edition however). Will installing Hyper-X help? I heard also about Codec Dark Edition v3. Which is the best and most reliable/stable? I am thinking of buying an iphone (not sure if 4S or 5 yet), since I have a Macbook pro and apps on symbiant are very limited.

    • I’d definitely go for an Android upgrade, get your money’s worth. As far as which FW for OHD, I’d try both and see which works/better.

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