Solavei – New GSM Cell Provider in the US

So for folks like me, who want to enjoy the latest and greatest phones (always GSM) without having to pay upwards of $100 of monthly fees just to have a little bit of mobile data, these guys seem to have the right idea going.

So their deal goes as follows- no contract, $50/month for unlimited calls, texts/mms, and mobile net with 4g speeds up to 4gb of data and 2g hence after until a new month hits. ANY GSM phone can be used, and this should appeal to all the iPhone lovers who overpay crazy amounts on other carriers simply due to brand. Before Sept. 10th, you’ll get free activation and 2 months worth for the cost of 1 month. Else its $50 for activation and $30 for a sim card if you want to use your own phone. They have both standard and micro sims.

Where this gets interesting- their compensation program. Get 3 people to sign up, get an instant cash bonus and $20/month hence after as long as you have at least 3 people under your name. It doesn’t end there though, so for every triplet that you refer and that stays with the company, you get $20 a month. Furthermore, if any one of your 1st tier referees gets a triplet under them, you also get $20 a month. If you sign up for their own social network, you get the perk of connecting with everyone on the network. Neat. Also, you can get their debit card to use your cash bonuses however you want.

So how do these guys plan to pull all of this off? No traditional advertizement. Sounds promising, so if you want to give it a shot, click my invite button on the left side of the page.


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