A Wifi Webcam You Say? (S60,Belle,Android)

Perhaps 4 years ago when Androids weren’t as abundant, Nokia still ruled the mobile world firmly. Looking to expand my, at the time E71’s capabilities, I found Mobiola Webcam app and PC client combo. It was quite the simple thing, but did really big things at the time- turned a relatively simple phone into a wifi webcam, which cost an arm and a leg at the time. Neat feature since you can move the “webcam” anywhere within your wifi network’s reach and get a pretty clear image (no sound support back in the day, but that’s quite alright).
Nowadays, S60 got replaced with Belle, so new apps had to be hunted down. Plus with Android in the mix, something for that as well.

In my search so far, I’ve found 2 apps that seem to work fairly well: DroidCam for Android and Kinoni EpoCam (Pro) for Belle.

Both work fairly well, especially given that our wifi has gone up to N-band speeds since the good old days. So, if you’re looking to turn your little device into another neat gadget for video calls, look no further than these 2 apps.


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