A worthy Cause

Hey folks, check this out and please support. I’ll quote my friend’s exact sentiments regarding this:

“DEAR all my friends,

I work at a Non-profit organization, NY de Volunteer. The excecutive directore, Ms. Noriko Hino had applied for Greencard last year but the Immigration office declined it and asks her to show more documents and facts that how much she is contribute to American society. Yeah, she DOES!!! She has been working for the local children in NYC for last 10 years, helping and empowering not only kids but the women and NY/Japanese communities!! What she has done is so ADMIRABLE!! She definitely CHANGEs THIS WORLD BETTER!!!
Now, I’d like to ask you guys my favor…, PLEASE SIGN IN here (↓↓↓) in order to support her and NY community, the local kids and women helped by her organization!!!

*All information you write on here happens NOTHING to you.
*Not necessary to answer for “Why is this important for you?”
*Deadline is Septemper 3rd.

I DEEPLY APPRECIATE ALL of YOU for reading this and listening to me, and your kind support!!! Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


Above is a link, click, sign, feel good about yourself. Simple.



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