But What If They Find My Facebook?

The newer generations, those cultivated by MySpace and shortly after by Facebook, never cease to amaze me. This generation simply never learned the proper online etiquette and its beauty of anonymity, and the way they show it is the most hilarious thing.

How many times have you heard somebody say, “But what if when I apply for work, they find my Facebook and see what I really do?” Especially when you tried to tag them after some wild party of another crazy shenanigan. That statement alone often makes me roll on the floor laughing. While it is very true that most work places do in fact look their potential employees on Facebook, it would hardly be a problem had these kids followed the golden rule of previously underground society- the internet.

-Never put any real credentials anywhere completely public, such as the internet. Considering that some amateurs today often refer to internet as Facebook, then never put any real credentials Facebook.

I don’t know about any of you, but I use this huge social network to connect with friends and share all of my experiences. Not for work and definitely not for family. Work can have my number and work email and family, I know where you live.

Pro tip- use a different email from Facebook when you apply for a job.

“But what if people can’t find me on Facebook?”

What does that even mean? If you meet someone new, you typically exchange numbers, not Facebook accounts. Chances are, your new acquaintance won’t even remember your name long enough to even look you up on Facebook (nor would you remember theirs in all honesty). If you really want to connect with someone online that badly, you can always give them your profile’s alias or vice versa. I get so many random friend requests almost every week, and I don’t even know those people prior to contacting them hence after. They clearly have no problems whatsoever finding me without my real name.

Also on the real name vs alias note- I’m sure people you met in real life would remember your real name, regardless of what you have listed online. If they forget, they could always ask you for a reminder. There is absolutely no reason to have it up for the world to see.

Remember kids, back in the day things operated from online forums where aliases and privacy were automatic. Back then, everyone knew they could be hacked and potentially exploited if they gave out too much personal credentials to essentially the whole world out there. Nothing has changed since then except for newer generation’s carelessness with the world wide web.


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