1 Life, 2 Life, 3, Oh My!

This post will intertwine with my previous one on online privacy via Facebook and my post on pride and individuality.

Even before the beginning of the whole online community mess, quite a few of us led a few separate lives- work, family, social, and hobby lives. Keeping them separate from one another used to be relatively easy, but with the growth of our ability to interact online that gap began to shrink. How do we deal with the new technology and keeping out separate lives, well, separate? Is there honestly even a need to do so anymore? Here’s my take on this matter-

As you may have already guessed, I will be using Facebook as the main culprit in my argument since majority of this dilemma roots from that social network today. I already covered using an alias instead of real credentials, so I’ll skip to the main point of this particular argument.

Many of us have various hobbies that the society, even today, may frown upon one way or the other, but should we really care? I see and hear this line the most today, “but most of my “friends” don’t like/care about my hobby(ies), so I’d rather have a separate account to share them with those who care/hobby friends.” On the surface, perhaps a valid point, but I find this reasoning extremely silly. Hobbies and various niches are becoming more and more of a norm these days, we’re not in the 80’s nor 90’s where typical nerdy things were heavily frowned upon. The main point, however, is this- your friends should accept you for the whole you and not only the bits and pieces they seem to like or accept. I don’t even want to have friends who would judge me solely based on my hobbies and passions. If they don’t share my interests, they simply don’t have to look through my pictures and posts about those interests. It’s not like I can make someone read everything I post online. In turn, I hardly care to read majority of the “normal” junk some of my “normal” friends post, but that doesn’t mean I consider them any less.

I found it rather nice when Facebook staff started to purge extra accounts people used specifically for their hobbies recently. Besides the fact that they can now just make a fan page for such, I’d personally advocate showing your full flavor in one account instead of spreading it thin across several pages.

Sometimes you never know, you could get some of your non-hobby friends interested in your hobbies if you expose them under an interesting light. I feel that’s definitely worth the while vs hiding everything away.

Don’t be ashamed of everything that you do (perhaps outside the bedroom, so to speak) and wear your colors loud and proud, be it in real life or here online.

P.S. If you’re that concerned about unwanted eyes seeing your life, simply hide your identity like most internet folk have been doing for ages.


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