The Russian Metro

As I mentioned earlier, our Metro is quite something if you compare it to many other all across the world. Every underground station was built completely unique and the closer you get to the center, the prettier they all get.

Lastly, the never-changing exit posts, heheh

Fares have always been flat, so you can ride around all day for all they care. (lost some of the coins, but if I find them I’ll definitely post a pic) From what I can remember and own, they went from special metal coins, to clear green plastic ones, to magnetic strip cards, and nowadays IC and paper cards with codes that the new machines read and let you go through. Paper cards can hold several rides-worth of fares, naturally. Cost? I believe around $2-3 now, but used to be much, much cheaper. Lastly, our metro system is sadly non-24-hour kind, but you’d think it would be given how dense Moscow is.

The card is the current one. Dark green plastic token was 60 year anniversary limited and light green token was used prior to and after the anniversary.

Now for another interesting point- all the kiosks that are underground, before the entrance to each station. These are more common towards the outskirts rather than the center, but once again as I mentioned before, you can buy almost freaking anything in these- from food to clothing and other random things.


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