Day 4

Yet another visit, to a different, fancy clinic for a checkup. I’ll start noting the beautiful metro stations we have, and every one is completely different from all the others. The closer to the center you get, the fancier the stations.

Homebase Kon’kovo station.

And a clear difference of how central stations are

Sadly, Moscow really has more bloody cars than people and to make things worse, more and more greenery is getting abandoned in favor of parking or new expensive apartment buildings for all of the government thieves to invest their money in, because everyone else simply cannot afford that shit.

Also, what it means to be in a private clinic, fueled with substantial money. Anyone seen this kinda decor in a clinic ANYWHERE else in the world?

And let me add that there’s a girl playing an harp in the front lobby. In a clinic.
Just completely ridiculous and redundant, but that’s raw power of money for you.


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