Rose Online (로즈 온라인) – Free MMORPG

So I revisited this game I played waaaaay back in 9th grade, and its still the same good old (plus now, mostly free to play). There are some extra premium items you can buy with real money, but the meat of the game is now completely free.

You can choose from 4 main classes with 2 sub-classes each (that are interchangeable and only defined by the skills you choose on level-ups) and then 2 more advanced classes per standard one when you reach level 100. Lots of choices and replay value here. Your standard warrior, mage, scout, and merchant/crafter.

There is a deep and thorough crafting and upgrading system, so all of you artisans and merchants can have a blast partaking in the game’s economy fueled by your fellow players. An interesting system is that of costumes- gear you can wear on top of your actual gear solely for looks or disguise.

There is a good pvp and guild/clan system with tons of depth and benefits. Clans can even have custom 20×20 pixel icons, something most games out there never feature nor allow.

All in all, great little game with tons of potential and fun.

Oh and did I mentions CARS and rideable MECHS?


One thought on “Rose Online (로즈 온라인) – Free MMORPG

  1. Played this several years ago as well, didnt get very far though. I was trying a few other games at the time. Grand Fantasia and Ragnarok Online (essence server) have caught most of my attention in F2P games.

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