A Dream Come Norad (V2, Never Summer 2012)

So my “dream” and supposed first ever longboard is finally in my quiver. Set it up “beginner” style with Randall 150s, 72mm Freerides, venom barrels (probably the only non-beginner thing here), and reused my stock Nickel hardware bolts to mount the trucks and risers. Feels great, actually not that much flex, very lively. Most importantly- VERY light. Probably my lightest board after Penny. If I were to compare this to the rest of the boring market, I’d say its like a sexier Earthwing Superglider.

To avoid wheel bite, I’d say 3 thin risers will do the job perfectly.

Update: After rocking this guy for about 4 months now, still love this one as my daily driver. Since May, I strapped Bear 852s on this guy and it can now handle some hills with superb finesse and response. Being a lively and a featherweight deck, it really makes you practice having a lead foot to avoid squirreling out of control.

All in all, excellent cruiser/carver/commuter that sports a 3 year factory warranty.


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