Joyeous Vapor – Joye 510-T Kit

So I’ve been hearing about these electronic cigs from a good friend forever and decided to see what all the buzz is about. An order from Cignot and Vaporstation and couple days later, I got my 510-t kit and extra bottle of juice (New York flavor). Everything is pretty straight-forward here: 5 tanks of stock liquid, 2 manual XL batteries, 2 matching atomizers, charger, and extra bottle of juice for refills.

The cigs look like this when assembled-

The tip is the liquid tank that can be refilled, batteries are interchangeable as are the atomizers. For a kicker, I can charge these via Galaxy S2’s USB host feature-No smoke, no carcinogens, just liquid vapor with some pure nicotine (or not if you just want to vape for sheer kicks). Taste is pretty decent and absolutely no nasty, smoky aftertaste nor smell.

All in all, interesting direction the technology is heading.


One thought on “Joyeous Vapor – Joye 510-T Kit

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