From Russia With Love, For Beverages

Our good old friends came to visit once again, and once again brought some long-awaited rarities to add to my collection.

So, from left to right:

3 bottles arranged by age of Zveroboy Vodka (st john’s wort)- taste herbaly and go down very, very smooth unlike any other kind of Vodka in my opinion.

Next up is something new that I had no idea about whatsoever- cranberry cognac. Yet to open and try this one, and it will be a good while because that’s my new wild card.

After that, the newer and then the older bottles of rowan berry cognac. Very sweet with a tiny bitter taste, just like the berries themselves.

Lastly, pepper vodka. Name speaks for itself for the most part, but it still goes down very smooth and extra crisp.

I also hear that they make blackcurrant cognac as well, and that immensely peaks my interests right now.


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