SSX (2012) – At Long Last!

Finally got and (at this point) beat the new SSX. Truly a worthy successor to the old school titles- everything is even bigger, badder, and more tricky this time around. Different slopes can have weather conditions that require using special gear like ice picks, wing suits, thermal packs, navigation goggles, oxygen masks, and even simple padding and extra protection to make it through.

There are 2 sets of controls- new ones oriented around analog sticks and old school ones that take you right back to where you left off On Tour or 3.

You can go absolutely anywhere on the slopes now, even ride up the walls with enough speed/boost. There aren’t as many trick bonus icons scattered about, but it doesn’t really get in the way either with chaining uber and epic uber tricks as well as signature ones.

Slopes are still gorgeous and extremely fun to blast through and new variety includes such things as being inside volcanoes (with snow, ha!).

The soundtrack is right up there too with fresh songs by The Big Pink. Camo & Krooked, Digitalism, DJ Shadow, Flux Pavillion, The Herbaliser, Nero, Noisia, The Hives, The Naked and Famous (with Young Bloods from the Art Of Flight), etc

All in all, great title with pretty solid online and offline modes, and definitely a truly worthy and overdue successor to the old titles.


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