Nokia – Symbian Belle – Impressions

All in all, I really like this update on my E6. Previously bugged vibrating alert is fully functional now and then the plethora of new features (that honestly Anna should’ve had in the first place).

Widgets and shortcuts are now completely individual like in Android devices and its possible to fully customize each home screen to your liking. There’s even a 3G toggle widget, which I know I’ll use quite frequently to save battery when I don’t need to interweb very quickly.

There is a top pull-down drawer with quick connectivity and silencing toggles. So now you can toggle mobile net and wifi “manually” despite the phone knowing when NOT to use these. Tad redundant, but I can see this coming in handy (if you don’t have a data plan, for instance.)

Scrolling around and through menus and apps is still silky smooth and fast.

Keypad lighting was fixed nicely as well.

Threaded message replies regained new message ability to be sent quickly via Call button vs touch screen or double clicking the select pad. There is also just a single messaging app; Conversations aka threaded view is now embedded into the base app.

GPS, now has distinctive ONLINE and OFFLINE modes. Offline locked in a few seconds in my basement. Very cool.

All in all, great and WAY overdue update, but better late than never right?


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