PS Vita Impressions and Review

So now that I got a chance to play with this guy for a few days, here comes a proper overview.

PSP 1000, 2000, Vita.

The weights go roughly as follows: 1000 at 280 grams, 2000 at 180 (207 w/ extended battery), and 285 for Vita.

New perks and quirks are all very cool- touch screen front, touch pad all across the back, great dual analogs unlike the old flat nub, buttons feel very good and responsive. The cameras are only alright, but considering Wifi b/g/n, bluetooth, gps, and 3g the system sports, camera quality in both can be overlooked in favor of it having them at all (and a mic to boot, say hello to Skype whenever it hits PSN).

Front, then rear camera tests.

So far, everything works great. Wifi is lightening fast compared to old PSPs with only b band equipped. On-Screen-Keyboard works very well too, no complaints about input thus far. Vita even sports this feature by default, which I find as an extremely great touch-So, as far as games go, I only got Dynasty Warriors Next thus far, but the game fully utilizes everything but maybe cameras in the unit and that makes it an excellent launch title. From touch screen, to the back pad, to even the gyro and motion sensors of the system- you’ll be using them all for special attacks and mini cut-scene fights. Gyro sequences are especially cool because it simulates looking around in-game by moving the system around yourself.The battery life isn’t too bad, I would guestimate maybe 3-4 hours including sleeping/standby in between (of up to a day in total thus far, since I do sleep once in a while ;p ).

All in all, this is an extremely promising system that sports truly powerful hardware (like a quad-core CPU, that even the smartphones these days haven’t yet equipped), and enough useful quirky ways to control the system and the games without making your eyes bleed like the 3DS.


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