Ion iType Bluetooth Keyboard (IONITD02)

So my desire to not lug my laptop around anymore sprung up the issue of having to type A LOT on my Galaxy’s OnScreenKeyboard- something I’d rather shoot myself than do on regular bases, but a savior device was found:

The little guy sports small, yet extremely comfortable size and next to no weight at all, rubberized soft squishy keys, lots of secondary functions for almost every key, a carrying case, a portable device stand, and a micro-usb cable.

Everything feels pretty good and is very easy to carry in any pocket as opposed to a whole backpack of a laptop bag. Nice.

To boot, this guy can be used with most bluetooth devices like PCs, Sony PS3, you name it really (and I wonder if this would work with the new PS Vita, because if so, this is definitely the gadget of the month!). And price point? You can find these online ranging from $35 to as little as $17 plus shipping!


One thought on “Ion iType Bluetooth Keyboard (IONITD02)

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