HPI RS32 – 1/32 Scale R/C Car

Quick highlights- amazing details, same as the plethora of existing slot car bodies; modular parts just like in bigger scale cars; 2.4ghz radio, so no of that AM nonsense and only 90$ for a ready-to-run set!

Everything is packaged fairly well, nothing to complain about.

This guy does come completely disassembled, unlike Kyosho Mini-Z or Dnano cars.

The car handles well, but absolutely needs a little more speed and battery life. My guess is to use a Losi motor and/or lithium battery packs, perhaps from R/C helicopters. Also comparison shots to my custom-painted Mini-Z R32.

Note that because these will go hand-in-hand with the new HPI slot car line, the details may surpass that of Mini-Zs, like rear view mirrors, for example. Not to mention a non-deformed body shape unlike 1/27 scale


2 thoughts on “HPI RS32 – 1/32 Scale R/C Car

  1. I will race you in my HPI R32 Modified xD
    AUDI Body With Wider and Taller wheels


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