The Generation Gap – Front Mission 3 to Evolved

So after a recent purchase of the new Play Arts Kai Zenith, the series’ iconic mech, I want to write a little generation gap article to reflect upon this series’ evolution as well as the rather surprising merchandise’s footsteps.

I got into these games with Front Mission 3, for the PS1, and immediately noticed that the game had some pretty decent (for the time) figures made by ArtFX. I got a couple, beat the game, all was well. The game itself was your typical militaristic sci-fi turn-based strategy with 2 story paths you could play through (and a heap of hours needed for each one). The figures were pretty solid and not very limited in articulation like quite a few of their brethren.

After making a natural stop at PS2 with Front Mission 4 and even a Nintendo DS with the remake of the first game, the series made its way to PS3 with Front Mission Evolved. Has it finally evolved? Indeed- the new installment was a 3rd-person action game with a much more dynamic and arcady feel than the previous, serious strategy games. This time, Square Enix made a set of updated figures with new articulation, but some of the old feel as well- like weapon pegs in palms of hands, which makes old and new figures’ accessories fully compatible.

While the new game was easily overshadowed by better options in its class, the new figures were quite worthy despite a much heavier price tag.

And finally, some comparison pics as well as couple glam-shots:

New figure definitely looks its part and fits new standards in games- more aggressive, more realistic, more clean-cut. The old guy looks more true to the older graphics and less stress on individual looks.


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