When a Penny Grows Into a Nickel

And Penny Skateboards are what I’m talking about, namely their brand new Nickel boards. Grown nice and fat from their Penny younger brothers, Nickels are finally the ideal plastic rain boards I personally have been waiting for. Much longer, more stable than Pennies, and they even have some concave around the edges to help lock your feet in.

I went to Uncle Funky’s to see what’s new on my Penny,And when I walked in, another boarder was looking at Nickels. The size difference caught my full attention, so I decided to check it out for myself… and it felt so good for this type of board I couldn’t help but pull the trigger. There went $120.

First thing I did was swap my Penny’s wheels with good bearings in(and though this came the next day I dropped by the store) a new purchase pictureAfter becoming an extremely happy shralper, I set off onwards to my next adventure, and here you can see how much more comfortable this one is to stand on than a PennyThe fun didn’t quite last as long as I thought because those tiny wheels on a deck that gave me more peace of mind ended up treacherous…And this brings me to my current setup- 2 shock/riser pads and my 1st set of wheels, 72mm Pink Powerballs that will clear twice as many bumps and cracks than the Penny wheels ever could. And thus, my tuning of the Nickel comes to a successful end.


2 thoughts on “When a Penny Grows Into a Nickel

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