My Mobile History

It all began with a Motorola V400 (first phone that Ted uses in How I Met Your Mother by the way), but at that time I didn’t much care about cellphones so I don’t really want to include into the lineup of my choice when the techie in me woke up. Software modding and tweaking brought me into various great communities and brought me some great friends I have today.

Then followed a Motorola RAZR V3i, this guy supported MicroSD cards unlike the other models of its family ( second phone that Ted uses in How I Met Your Mother).

Next up was a RAZR V3X, one of the 1st Motorolas to have a Macro lens on the camera. Only upsetting factor was a tri-band frequency that didn’t get hacked into a quad years after I sold the poor guy due to not getting much reception anywhere in my area.

After this, I dabbled into smartphones with Motoming A1200. It was a stylus/touch screen phone with some very neat features for its time. It had a photo editor on board that made for some very cool on-the-go photoshop-esque pictures.

I took a break from smartphones to try the Rizr Z3. Solid battery life, very comfortable form factor, and it could play mp4 movies right off the bat.

Then came the Rokr E6- an alternative to Ming with a bigger battery, the most comfortable form factor to this day, and same cool little features and perks. This guy also had a macro lens with a manual switch.

After E6, I’ve made the mistake of trying an older Palm Treo 750. This phone was, for lack of a better word, utter crap across the board.

And following it, prototype Rokr Z6- Moto’s attempt at a linux-based OS. This phone wasn’t all that great, but having a prototype unit felt pretty nice.

Then I dabbled into HTC with its first Tilt, and sold it 3 days after getting it because of how horrible it was. The battery was utter trash even with an extended one and the camera made drilling noises every time it focused to take a blurry picture.

I returned to Moto side with Motorola Q9h- one of the first smart/phones that ATT bundled with an extended battery and a door besides that standard ones. This phone sported windows mobile, dual speakers, and was a pretty solid device save its horrible camera.

Rokr E8 concluded my Motorola adventures due to poor battery life and just not enough of that cool factor for its price. It did have a morphing touch keypad that only lit up when the phone wasn’t locked and the controls changed depending on the app you were using. It sported an auto-macro mode and took pretty solid pictures.

After this, I got a free Krzr K1 and it became my backup phone in the future. Also the first Moto I truly bricked, unbricked, completely unlocked myself, and changed the housing of.

Now, I discovered my current standard for mobile phones- Nokia E series.

My first one was E71, the phone I owned the longest to-date (a year and a half) and that gave me absolutely no grief and a complete satisfaction and sense of security due to its slim, but monstrous battery life.

E72 (used as main for 2 years, still own) was a worthy next step due to the hardware updates and same great old feel.

Then I experimented a little with touch-screen phones once again- Samsung OMNIA HD (because it had Nokia OS) and I thought it would provide decent battery life, that it did not. GPS was great, camera was stellar, stereo speakers were a welcome returning feature, but it just didn’t live up to my daily needs.

I also experimented with Android for the first time via HTC Glacier (T-mobile MyTouch4G). Rooted it, unlocked, but touch-only interface and relatively poor battery life didn’t seal the deal for me.

And this brings us to this day.

After all my experiments I came to the conclusion that no single device will ever be truly perfect, but owning 2 can bring that electronic harmony into anyone’s pocket; so, here are my weapons of communication and entertainment today:

Nokia E6 and Samsung Galaxy S II

And what else did I learn throughout this journey? How to disassemble any phone; how to sim unlock a good deal of the phones; how to flash firmware/roms onto almost all phones; and where to seek help when I need it.

I would also like to give a shout out to all/most forums that helped with this long and ongoing adventure:

ModMyMobile (used to me ModMyMoto or M3)

XDA Developers

Symbian Guru


And countless model-specific forums for phones like Q9h and OMNIA HD

Lastly, it took me nearly 2 hours to find all these pictures in the mess of my computer, hahaha.


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