Evolution of High School Standard – Ti-83 Plus Graphing Calculator

If you went to a high school in the US either half a decade ago or more recently, this calculator remains the educational standard for almost all of the levels of math classes taught. Did you know, however, that the gaming and home brew scenes also kept up with this device and a port was made for virtually all popular portable gaming and non-gaming devices alike? I will personally show you the evolution tree that I followed myself, so without further a due:

The Original, boring Ti-83 calculatorThe first and second steps of homebrew evolution, the Gameboy Advance (micro in my case) and Nintendo DS (Lite in my case):Next, Sony PSP got a port of a much more powerful, Ti-92 calculator

(I don’t really have a screenshot nor photo available, but you get the idea)

And today, the robust Android devices can use Ti-83 as well, even through a GBA emulator

(Or through the app, like Andy83)

The rate at which our technology improves is mind-blowing and I wish we would have gotten some of these bells and whistles a little bit earlier, when I actually needed them, haha.


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