My Weapons of Choice – Sony PSP

To this day, these systems were my best choices in gaming and I’ve clocked an inhuman number of hours over the years, customized them, sold them, soft-modded them, you name it. The 3 I currently own are:

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops 1000 Limited

Mint Green2000 with Felicia Blue faceplate and extended battery door

Gundam Vs Gundam 3000 Limited

A few memory cards, but a noteworthy CR-5400 dual-microSD adapter that helps me have as much memory as I want and not waste money on ProDuo cards I can’t use in anything else.

Of my most favorite games over the years- Guilty Gear Accent Core + Portable, Monster Hunter series, all of the Gundam and Gundam Vs series, Juiced, The Con, Syphon Filter series, Metal Gear Solid (psp game was my actual 1st MGS game ever), Tekken 5 and 6, Soul Calibur Portable, Initial D Street Stage, Wangan Midnight Portable, Shutoku Battle, and a few others. I have played a good MOST games for this thing and don’t remember a lot of them at this point because of that.


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