Kyosho Mini-Z – MA-010 – Lancia Delta HF Integrale

As bad as it sounds, one of my first actually successful setups since I got into these lil cars:

A short summary of this guy is as follows- short/narrow(body, stance, and wheels/tires) hatchback setup for this new class we had at one of our huge races last year (Capital Challenge). All the key drivetrain and suspension parts are aluminum for increased durability; lowered stance for better handling; 1 degree camber all-around; Atomic round-can Super Stock (40 Turn) motor; Atomic Radial and X-pattern tires (forgot which degrees, but most likely 2nd/3rd softest).

This guy has no wheel bite against the body despite a very flush stance, doesn’t flip when driven hard (unless you actually try), has excellent finesse despite the overall weight, naturally can drift per drift tire swap.

I was inspired to build this for Capital Challenge last year to have an unofficial Lancia team with 2 of my racer friends in the new hatchback class-

Me and Brandon doing the controller pound.

And a few shots from last night’s solo session at Brooklyn Hobbies, NYC (plus a new race babe, can’t be without them)-


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