Kyosho Mini-Z – MR-03 – Datsun 240Z Revamp

To commemorate me getting back into racing these lil things, decided to upgrade and polish my favorite Z:

So here’s what I’ve done in order from top-down, left-right:

Reflex Racing MR03 suspension shims to be actually used as front bearing spacers rather than ride height adjusters, to reduce slop and allow me to tighten the wheel nut all the way down. 1mm and .2 per wheel. Nice.

Reflex Racing MR03 Low Profile front suspension(left wheel) vs the previous Long Kingpin + MR02 springs and spring cups(right wheel) to reduce bulk, make everything move much more smoothly, try a new part, and make the front end cleaner looking. My Long Kingpin setup was rough and glitchy, so this upgrade took care of everything.

Taped 2 cut-up nails into the battery holder crevices on the bottom to add some wight to the best possible area, hopefully to help reduce flipping over and allow me to push the car a little harder.

Lastly, 240Z body has a huge empty area between the rear edge and the end of the motor mount and that creates horrible air flow and probably makes the rear diffuser piece(matte black between rear wheels) useless. I took some package plastic and cut out a cover, bolting it right under the rear diffuser, so now the air should pass right through rather than get inside the rear of the body. Nice.

>>Post-road test edit:

Wow does this guy feel good on the track! No issues whatsoever and I pushed it as hard as my Orions and 70T motor allowed. Never flipped, never under or over steered. Truly a perfect setup for my taste in RWD class.


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