How does a breakfast run turn into this…?

So I went out to get some food this morning and ended up sniped by my parents to help them get a new netbook/laptop. Criteria was mostly size and weight, so we narrowed it down to a few Asus models, and ended up getting this guy:

Asus Eee-PC 1015PX + Crucial  2GB DDR3 stick of ram. Specs weren’t too bad for the $270 tag either: dual-core Intel Atom cpu, (after extra upgrade) 2GB ram, 8-9 hour battery, and weight under 3lbs.

Ram install was very quick and everything worked just fine.

And finally, to continue my Samsung Galaxy S2 cross-comparisons, these 2 are almost dead-even as far as specs go, but the price difference is pretty big (given for how much I got the Galaxy, of course).

Both have dual-core cpu’s, both can pump out about 1.6gHZ, both have 1GB ram (originally anyway), I think battery life would be about the same too; however, being MUCH smaller and lighter, sporting a very good camera, and not to mention almost $100 cheaper (for me), Galaxy S2 wins.


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