Flowlights from Flowtoys – Photoshop In Your Hands

So after getting into raving a few months ago I’ve been looking for weapons of choice and ended up on the path that probably half the community ends up taking- flowlights.

What are they? 3-LED, 10 light mode plastic sticks that run on a simple AAA battery.

Come in all sorts of flavors and with a little soldering, nothing is stopping one from making a custom rig. Also, at the very least the soft cases shown above are HIGHLY recommended for beginners and experts alike.


And what can be done with these? Thats purely in the hands of your dancing and artistic senses.


These can be purchased from number of sites such as the home site http://www.flowtoys.com or http://www.liquidemotions.com and use code “skv0ra” at Liquidemotions for 5% off your entire order!

Hybrid rechargeable batteries are highly recommended- pre-charged duracells in plastic blister, sanyo eneloop, rayovac hybrid. 2 sets per pair of flows will allow safe charging of one set while the other is in use. With proper care, the AAAs should last 2-3 years so avoid cheap 15 minute chargers and anything with radio shack logo on it.


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